6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I have oats in the morning as Bf

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Answer: Hi dear surely u ca. Have it as it is really good for the digestion and helps u getting calcium.u should include some fruits also in kt to add the neutrition
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Question: Is it safe to eat banana , oats and honey in pregnancy. Can i have oats daily in the bf ?
Answer: Yes, it is safe. Banana contains nutrients and vitamins also, so you can take daily to have healthy baby weight. You can add oats also in your breakfast without any hesitation. Both banana and oats gives the energy to your body as well as nutrients too.
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Question: Can I have Masala oats as breakfast daily?
Answer: Dont have preseved content items daily ....have normal oats is better than having masala oats
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Question: can i have masala oats in breakfast?
Answer: Yes u can but prefer everythin homemade...avoid packaged ready to eat stuff as much as poss
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Question: Oats can have in evening?
Answer: Hi Yes dear. You can have oats. It's rich in fibre and an ideal evening scack. It also helps in solving the constipation problem which is almost many new moms have after delivery You can have some fruits too cut along with it. Hope this helps
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