22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can i have masala oats in breakfast?

1 Answers
Answer: Yes u can but prefer everythin homemade...avoid packaged ready to eat stuff as much as poss
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Question: Can I have Masala have Masala oats as my daily breakfast?
Answer: Hi dear u can have surely . But make sure to eat homemade masala oats. Avoid taking packet onces as they are not healthy . They are with added agents which can give side affect to ur health.
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Question: Can i have saffola's masala oats???
Answer: Yes you can have masala oats but dont consume it everyday you can have it once a week as it contains preservative
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Question: Can I have Masala oats as breakfast daily?
Answer: Dont have preseved content items daily ....have normal oats is better than having masala oats
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