Few days old baby

Can i have green tea..? My baby is almost 6 months n i am bf

Yes u can have not a problem but some get cold so try a day
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Question: Hi, my baby is 6 months old can i have green tea
Answer: Hi.. Yes, definitely you can have green tea. Two cups of green tea every day will Neither harm you nor your baby, even if you are feeding your baby.
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Question: Can i have green tea in pregnancy? I am 6 months pregnant
Answer: Hello dear. It's fine if you drink a cup or two. However, you shouldn't drink too much green tea, as it contains only a little less caffeine than standard tea, depending on how it's brewed. Take care.
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Question: Hii I have 4months old baby she's on BF. Can I take green tea
Answer: Green tea is revered by many people for its many reputed health benefits. While considered one of the healthier teas you can drink, green tea is not always the best choice when it comes to breastfeeding. Green tea is safe in small quantities, but there are better ways to stay hydrated when breastfeeding. While water is the best source of hydration when you are breastfeeding, sometimes you crave a little variety. Packed with antioxidants, green tea might seem like a healthy alternative. Green tea can be enjoyed hot or iced. Green tea contains caffeine. Even so-called decaffeinated versions still contain traces of caffeine. It generally has less caffeine than you would find in an average cup of coffee or black tea. Straight green tea is safe for breastfeeding mothers, though it is best consumed in moderation. You would have to drink several cups a day to reach the upper limits of allowable caffeine, but even a small amount of caffeine can affect your baby.
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