5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i have Kharbuja fruit am 4 week pragnant

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Answer: Yes sure. All melons are safe. In fruits, just dont take papaya, pineapple, figs, raisins, khajoor, chiku. All these cause bleeding when consumed in pregnancy. Therefore these are advised after delivery for faster clean up of uterus.
Answer: Hi dear ,yes muskmelon is a very safe fruit for pregnancy, if taken in moderation. 
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    Bhavya Mj126 days ago

    K thanx

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Question: Can we have kharbuja fruit during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear surely u can have. It will keep u hydrated .but always make sure to remove the skin properly as it is not good foe digestion
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Question: Iam 20 week pregnant now...can i eat kharbuja fruit?
Answer: Hi. In case you wish to you can eat. No restrictions Just avoid papaya and pineapple Hope this helps!
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Question: I am on my 29th week of pregnancy, can i have musk melon (Kharbuja) ???
Answer: Hello dear. Yes, muskmelon is a very safe fruit for pregnancy, if taken in moderation. The fruit is low on its calorie count and high in nutrients and fibre, making it a very safe and healthy snack option for expecting mother. Few of the benefits are: Prevents tube defects Improves immunity. It helps in Leg cramps. Blood pressure regulation. Take care.
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