8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i have eno during heart burn??

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Answer: Hi.. Dear acidity/heartburn is a common problem in pregnancy due to hormone changes. You can get rid of acidity by drinking lots of water. You can soak the cumin powder in water over night, drink it in the morning, on empty stomach. It helps a lot to reduce acidity. Cold milk also helps. Avoid spicy food and food stuff that is hard to digest. Eat in small portions at regular intervals. Avoid late night eating. Do not consume any tablet or ENO on regular basis, without consulting your gynaecologist..
Answer: Hii there are some home remedies which u can use to overcome heart burn . U can have one spoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and sip it slowly . If u r facing heartburn make sure to make a rule of sipping liquids in sip and not in a single go otherwise that also insite heartburn. Same u can start ur day with ginger tea. Have lemonade . Have yoghurt or milk dat also relieve ur heartburn.
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Question: Severe heart burn....can i tk eno??
Answer: heartburn may not be caused just by eating spicy food but also by oily,deep fried food. It may also be caused if you are not drinking enough water or are skipping your meals with long intervals in between 2 meals. Please start drinking enough water around 4 litres at least, Have meals frequently,so instead of having 3 large meals,have 5 small meals at regular intervals. Drink lemon and ginger water with a little bit of jaggery once a day. Have buttermilk,as it reduces acidity. All these remedies along with walking for 20-30mins should ideally help u!
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Question: Can i take Eno for Heart burn,is that safe
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can take Eno. However make sure you have in moderation. Heartburn is very common during pregnancy, this is caused due to the harmone estrogen. Here are a few tips to overcome heartburn wear loose clothing. stand up straight. elevate your upper body. mix baking soda with water. try ginger, you can also take over-the-counter antacids. Take care.
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Question: I'm 32nd wk pregnant, can drink ENO for heart burn?
Answer: Hello dear. Yes it does help. However make sure you have in moderation. Take care.
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