15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i have drumstick leaves?...many says its heat for the body..

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Answer: Yes dear, The most dangerous food that can lead to miscarriage in early pregnancy is drumstick. It is bad for pregnantwomen because drumstick tree contains alpha-sitosterol, with estrogen-like structure that can lead to miscarriage.
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    PRAJNA SHETTY119 days ago

    Ohhh is it

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Question: Can i have drumstick leaves
Answer: Hi yes u can have,it is rich in iron and calcium,but drink more water than usual everyday and be hydrated,,
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Question: Can i have drumstick leaves ?
Answer: Hi congrats, Yes, you can safely include drumstick in your pregnancy diet. In fact, it can prove to be quite healthy for your pregnancy. However as with all other veggies, you need to wash the drumsticks thoroughly before you consume them. The unwashed vegetables may contain harmful parasites, bacteria, and traces of pesticides that could complicate your pregnancy. So remember to eat drumsticks in moderation while you are pregnant...also u can consult you dietitian if u feel necessary...take care☺👍
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Question: Can we have drumstick leaves/ drumstick during 1st trimester?
Answer: Hi as drumsticks during early pregnancy is to be avoided as it may cause gastric problems and may lead to indigestion so it's better to avoid eating drumsticks. Take care
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Question: Can i eat drumstick leaves i have 3months baby
Answer: Hi ma..yes u can have..they are gud source of iron and promotes milk secretion...its gud to have it daily...along with dat have garlic boiled in milk to promote more secretion of milk.tale care...
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