9 weeks pregnant mother

can i have dough of papad as i am 8 week pregnant

Yes but in moderate.
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Question: I am 8 week pregnant please reply is aam papad is safe during pregnancy
Answer: Hi, you can have papad but in limits as it can cause gas problem. It is better to have just once a while. Take care
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Question: Can i have lime soda & pista in dry fruit as i am 8 week pregnant
Answer: Hi! Dry fruits r fine to be consumed during pregnancy but Soda is not suggested.. Dry fruits r indeed suggested becz it has a lot of nutrition, dietary fibre etc. few hv Vitamin C, which helps in Iron absorption and also helps in building immne system.. Hope this helps!
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Question: can i take tea as i am 8 week pregnant???
Answer: Tea can be taken. But since she is asking if she can would this mean she has not tasted tea before or is she worried it may adversely affect her pregnancy. This is not clear. But a cup or two should be OK.
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