32 weeks pregnant mother

Can i have cheese at this time?

Hello dear. Yes you can have hard cheeses which is safe in pregnancy. You can eat hard cheeses, such as cheddar cheese. Even though they are made by unpasteurised milk. It dosent contain much water as soft cheeses, so bacteria are less likely to grow in them. It's also a good source of calcium. Take care.
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Question: Can I have sex at this time
Answer: Hello dear. Intercourse is recommended only after the first trimester. However make sure you have no other pregnancy complications. Take care.
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Question: can i have chicken at this time
Answer: Hello dear... Yes, you can have chicken,they are good source of protein,but make sure that it has been cooked well,it is advisable to avoid par boiled meat during pregnancy,and avoid chicken during dinner it may cause indigestion,one secret tip is to drink cumin water after eating will makes digestion easier..
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Question: Can I have cheese??
Answer: yes you can but avoid soft cheese..it contains bacteria.
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