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Question: Can I have a normal delivery after 2 years gap of c section

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Answer: Hello... Yes,it is possible but select a gynaecologist,who prefer more normal delivery,thats most important.. you can follow these steps , it will help you in achieving vaginal birth, Pregnancy is a wonderful phase ,in which each mom have amazing experience, vaginal birth can be achieved through diet and physical activites,and it is a natural and good start.. Diet Your food should contain all nutrients that needed for you and your baby, wat you eat will be more noted during delivery, you should have that much strength and stamina to entering into a new phase Include more fruits , vegetables, whole grains,oats,egg.. Include more dry fruits,fish Avoid oily,fried ,packed stuff Avoid refined sugar,pastries too Physical activity As all our moms advice to be active in these times, but at the same time rest is also to be taken in regular intervals Mild walking for an 30 min is essential Kegal exercises can help a lot,but you should starting doing this with doctors advice Join maternity yoga classes,they not only helps in delivery , it helps in postnatal care too Keep your mind relaxed, enjoy your favourite hobby. Get enough sleep, whenever possible and intake of water is also taken in account
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Question: Can i have a normal delivery after 2 years c section gap
Answer: As long as you're an appropriate candidate for a vaginal birth after a cesarean, also known as a VBAC, there's a good chance you'll succeed. Of course, your chances of success are higher if the reason for your previous c-section isn't likely to be an issue this time around.That said, it's impossible to predict with any certainty who will be able to have a vaginal delivery and who will end up with a repeat c-section. Attempting a VBAC is called a trial of labor after cesarean (TOLAC). Overall, about 60 to 80 percent of women who attempt a VBAC deliver vaginally. These steps can help for vaginal birth after a c-section if Your previous cesarean incision was a low-transverse uterine incision (which is horizontal) rather than a vertical incision in your upper uterus (known as a "classical" incision) or T-shaped, which would put you at higher risk for uterine rupture. (Note that the type of scar on your belly may not match the one on your uterus.) Your pelvis seems large enough to allow your baby to pass through safely You've never had any other extensive uterine surgery, such as a myomectomy to remove fibroids. You've never had a uterine rupture. You have no medical condition or obstetric problem (such as a placenta previa or a large fibroid) that would make a vaginal delivery risky. There's a doctor on site who can monitor your labor and perform an emergency c-section if necessary. It will be more difficult: Being an older mom,Being overweight,Having a baby with a high birth weight,Having your pregnancy go beyond 40 weeks of gestation ,Having a short time between pregnancies (18 months or less)
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Question: Is it safe to have normal delivery after C-section with a gap of 4 years
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy. I can understand your anxiety. There are some points which you should note VBAC 1.Your incision shape 2.Thd reason for doctor choosing c section 3.Any complications in your pregnancy 4.A surgeon and a anesthesia specialist should be ready at place, so if emergency arises they can take you to surgery. Discuss with your doctor as they know your condition better. Take care
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Question: Mine 1st delivery was c section.. Can i have a chance of normal delivery in 2nd pregnancy with 2years gap after c section
Answer: Hi dear, That answer depends on a number of issues, but many women are able to give birth vaginally after having a previous c-section (a process nicknamed VBAC, vaginal birth after c-section). The main risk of having a VBAC is uterine rupture, in which the c-section incision re-opens during delivery. Today doctors are screening women more carefully before recommending VBACs. So while fewer are being performed, they are much safer and more successful. But only your doctor can determine for sure if you're one of them
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Question: Can i have a normal delivery after two c- section
Answer: Hello, No dear!! it's hard after 2 delivery. Your scar thickness from previous cesarean must not be thick enough to bear the contraction and can cause skin rupture during contraction. But still the ultrasound can give you a clear view about it. So be positive..
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