18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I have anjeer 2 daily..?? Pls tell me

Answer: Hello dear... Yes,you can have 2-3 anjeer or Figs daily,it is rich source of iron,to add in your pregnancy diet,it helps in blood formation and prevent Anemia,it also has dietary fibre,which helps in boosting digestive system and relives constipation,it is best snack option to reduce your carving in pregnancy
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Question: I eat 2 anjeer daily..so what anjeer help in 35 week pregnancy??
Answer: Hi. Yes gig is fine to have during pregnancy. Fig Fruit Benefits During Pregnancy. Figs (anjeer) have numerous components that can ensure good health of a pregnant woman as well as proper nourishment of her baby. ... It helps in strengthening the bones of the mother during and after pregnancy, thus keeping her fit and strong for resuming daily activities.
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Question: Can I have anjeer?
Answer: Hello.. yes,anjeer is very good to have in pregnancy,it contains lot of calcium, potassium,iron.. daily consumption of figs releive you from constipation,it is a healthy snack option,figs contain potassium,which helps in reducing blood pressure,and also prevent preeclampsia,a serious condition in pregnancy
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Question: Can i eat musk melon daily pls tell me
Answer: Hello! Musk melon can be taken but in moderation. Make sure that you properly wash it before consuming. The outer portion of the fruit contains a dangerous bacteria listeria which can be very harmful during pregnancy. Hence be very cautious while having it. Take care
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