Question: can i hav makhane in my pregnancy. i am in my 11th week..

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Answer: Yes. Lotus seed( makhana ) are good source of dietary fibres and minerals. They also act as energy booster when taken with milk. Don't consume more than fistful.
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Question: Can I eat makhane in 6th week of pregnancy?
Answer: Hello dear... Makhana or lotus seed are rich source of calcium,iron, potassium and vitamin B complex,it is a best food to have during pregnancy,it controls blood pressure,treats urinary infections, insomnia, and also protects you from digestive issues,it is an best snack option to have during pregnancy,to reduce your carving
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Question: Can i eat pomogranate in my 11th week of pregnancy?
Answer: Surely , it will increase hb count and u should include it everyday
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Question: In my 11th week pregnancy i am feeling uncomfortable while sleeping . how can i relief from ?
Answer: Hello dear.. i can understand... this happens in pregnancy.. 1 keep your knees and legs bent.use more pillows. Keep one to support your tummy and one between your legs. It helps. 2 try to sleep more on your left side. It will be easy and passes more nutrients to baby 3 if there is back pain then use hot water bag 4 avoid sleeping on your back as it causes difficulty in breathing. These ways will surely give some relief. Hope i was helpful
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