5 months old baby

Question: Can i gv cerelac to my 5 month 10 day baby

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Answer: Hi dear, Yes,introducing solids in the beginning could bring such issues .many babies get loose motions too.as the baby needs more water content to digest solid,the motion gets hard.keep brestfeeding.some babies also get constipation with cow milk.if the cerelac has dairy or if you are mixing cow milk,there is a possibility of getting hard stool.try to avoid dairy before one year.give him home cooked food rather.home cooked rice with boiled mashed veggies could get him.more fibre and ease him.in passing stools.mosambi juice can be given.make sure you dilute it with water and give.ragi porridge with mashed banana,mashed boiled apple is excellent baby food.the fibres would ensure soft stools.
Answer: Hi. Please dont give your baby anything before 6 months. Babies every requirement is fullfilled with your bm till 6 months of age so nothing else is required. Once baby is 6 month old start with fruit puree, and please avoid readymade instant food for babies. Instead prepare it at home. Good luck.
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Question: can I feed cerelac to my 5 month old baby
Answer: It is highly preferred that you breast milk for your baby until he or she is 6 months old. The only food that your baby requires during this stage is mother’s milk or an infant formula milk fortified with iron. However, you can begin to familiarizing cerelac baby food for 4 months baby after a few weeks. This should only be done on the recommendation of your doctor.
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Question: my baby is 5 months old,can i gv cerelac
Answer: Wait till 6month. 6th month is the ideal time to start semi solid for your baby. As by then baby can sit on his own, has better coordination between his throat and tongue wch facilities easy gulping. His digestive system is also strong and can readily digest food items other than breastmilk.
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Question: meri baby 5 months complete ho chuki hai and 6 started now... can I gv cerelac to my baby??????
Answer: yes u can. but start with ragi its more effective. u can also give ceralac but give ur lo home made ceralac not the ones they sell at shop
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