4 months old baby

Question: Can i go to movie with my baby.. whether movies sound display anything ll affect my baby? Pl suggest

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Answer: Movie sound are too loud can disturb ur baby and baby can start crying most probably. Continuos for 3hr it's challenging to hear sounds and to be quite.
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Question: Can i go to theatre fr a movie? Is sound will affect to the baby?
Answer: Hi dear... Don't worry, nothing can harm baby until ua happy, only if ua stressed or sad,it can effect baby so keep calm n smile, u can do anything of watch anything which make u happy all the time... Happy to help u
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Question: Can i go and watch movie in first trimester.. yes movie is with more sound effects... Is that ok? And it ll not harm fetus?
Answer: It depends on the type of movie, the sound volume and your feelings while you are watching the movie. The type of movie is related to your emotions and feelings and the feelings and emotions you will have during pregnancy your baby will also have, same the sound you hear will also be heard by your baby; that’s why loud sounds are not safe during pregnancy. It is safe during the first trimester but it might cause some problems during the second and third trimester. actually, sound travels very well through fluid. It is not a barrier, sound waves can travel through fluid because it does not bounce back and refelct. It does muffle it a bit though but I would not over due it. I think you should be fine every once and a while but I would not recommend you to sit in a loud theatre with a violet movie on every few days.
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Question: Can i go to movie at this time...i was so badly waiting to watch 2.0 movie... but i an worried whether i can go to theatre at this time... Will the sound and vibrations affect the baby...?
Answer: No it will not affect the baby u can easily watch the movie..
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