24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I go for badminton tournament participation?I am 5 and a half months pregnant?please answer as I was waiting for this opportunity from long time

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Answer: U should avoid it.. Becoz jurking nd climbing should afct.
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Question: Hi friends .. I am 5 weeks pregnant .. I had booked for a trip long time.. have to travel by air..is it advisable to go during this time??
Answer: hi dear first of all are very big congratulations on your pregnancy and basically travelling by air is a safe but still it is really important for you to visit your doctor and seek advice because it all depends upon your physical condition and only your doctor know your physical condition better than anyone else and also it is important for you to take medicine before hand in order to avoid any risk because a many females feel the problem of a blood spotting during pregnancy while travelling. I hope you understand my point
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Question: Hi i am pregnant first and half month can i go for a exercise and what should i need to eat during this time?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your curiosity. Walking is best in pregnancy. It also helps to digest food. As the muscles get lose the chances of normal delivery will be increased. Yoga is also considered best but you should perform it with two conditions one is you should permission from your doctor second is you should perform only under the guidance of an expert. Take care
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Question: Am first and half month pregnant can l sit long time in a bench
Answer: Hi dear, Whether you are pregnant or not sitting for too ling could effect your spine.every 30 minutes make sure you get up and walk around for a while and sit again.now that you are pregnant,you need better blood circulation and correct spine position,as your pelvic region expands.
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