7 months old baby

Question: Can i give wheat porridge for 6month 25 days baby in ashirwad atta ?

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Answer: Yes dear, you can give. Aasirwad atta is one of the best atta.
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Question: Can I give wheat porridge and raagi porridge on same day!???my baby was 186 days old
Answer: Yes u an give .. if your baby is new to solids then introduce only one new food on a day if both the porridges are well digestible and your baby has no disturbance in passing stools when u feed them then you can start to give both porridges on the same day.. but when you start with you start with only one porridge on a day and when your baby is used to both you can also give them on the same day and it has no issues at all
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Question: can i gve wheat porridge for 5 month baby??
Answer: A baby till the age of 6 months should only have milk, either bm or fm, preferably bm.The digestive enzymes are not strong enough to digest anything apart from milk. If you give anything else. then the baby might suffer from colic, indigestion and gas issues.
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Question: My baby girl complete 6month 29 days can i give wheat and orange cerelac
Answer: If u havent yet started giving anything then start by rice as rice is lighter on the stomach of the baby. Once the baby is used to this then by 9 month u shud start giving wheat and it is heavier in terms of digestion.
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