8 months old baby

Question: Can i give walker to my baby he is 7month old

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Answer: Hi! Absolutely nothing good about them, let the baby walk naturally, Doctors even ask to not put babies in walker. You can use a push walker instead after baby has learned to stand and taking steps. Walking is a milestone that all babies achieve. It absolutely need NOT be taught or supported with hands. When a child begins to walk it's a huge challenge in terms of falling down, losing balance, bumping into things and getting hurt. The initial walking stages requires constant vigilance and supervision by an adult. It could be potentially harmful in the long run in terms of posture. Please allow the child to learn to walk by himself /herself. Walking isn't only about mobility. It also plays a huge part in gaining confidence and independence. Hope this helps!
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Question: Can i give walker to my 6 months old baby?
Answer: Hi dear yes u can give but do monitor ur baby well. Don't leave unattended at it can give a serious hurt or injury . Also do make sure ur baby is comfortable on it . Then only do give.
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Question: Can I give walker to my 7 month old baby?
Answer: HI you can start walker as soon as baby neck becomes stable later you can give normally it is preferred to be given in ninth month as neck becomes steady baby will enjoy walker a lot as it gives chance to move.
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Question: Can I give suji to my 7month old baby??
Answer: Surely u can give as it is very easy to digest and keep ur baby full for long time. Even my doctor told to give suji to my baby
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