4 months old baby

Question: Can i give mugli ghutti 555 to my 4 months old babies

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Answer: Hi! A 4 months old kid only and only needs your milk, nothing else. Anything else other than milk can be harmful for the child. Good luck!
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Question: My baby is 2month old can i give her 555 mugli ghutti is this safe??
Answer: Hi gutti is not to be given to baby as it is heavy to digest and also cause problems to intestine so avoid giving gutti to baby.
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Question: Is it ok to give Dabur Mugli Ghutti 555 to my 1 month old baby?
Answer: Hello! ghutti is not advisable by the doctors. according them it spoils the digestion system.Sometimes it may be cause of allergy.
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Question: When we start to give mugli ghutti 555? My baby is 25 days old?
Answer: Hi dear I will not advise u to have to as it may affect ur baby digestion. Only ur milk is enough for ur baby .also do give burp and do body massage of baby. That will assure a proper digestion of ur baby. Mugli ghutti is sometimes added with honey and other added chemical which are not good.
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Question: Is mugli ghutti 555 good for baby. My baby is 45 days old. Should I give him. Daily this ghutti
Answer: hello dear ghutti is not advisable by the octors. according to them---  it makes baby cranky spoil the digestion system. sometimes it may be cause of allergy. it contains sugar in big amount which can increase the risk of tooth decay.  ghutti may affect baby's feeding habit. italso contains baking soda. baking soda should not given to colicky. 
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