11 months old baby

Question: Can I give tender coconut for 11 months baby.?

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Answer: Hi. Yes you can sure give your baby coconut water. Its very healthy rich in fiber and other minerals too.
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Question: Hi my baby age 15 months, can i give tender coconut water, for him motions now.
Answer: Yes you can give tender coconut to your baby. During loose motion it restores minerals, water and salt. It hydrates your baby's body better than any other energy drink. He will feel energetic after drinking this.
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Question: My baby s 11 months vomiting n loose motion dng since from yeastarday can i give tender coconut water
Answer: Yes, for loose motion coconut water is very good and affectable for babies also as it is light and helps in digestion
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Question: Can i give tender coconut to 10 month old baby
Answer: Hello dear. It's better to start after 1 year. As it might cause cold or cough in kids. Take care.
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Question: Can i give tender coconut water to my 6 months 23 days baby
Answer: Hi You can give normal coconut water from ,6 months of age ok..it will fight against some infection like flu and cold..and also usefull for good digesyion..reduces the gas and any stomach problems..but avoid in winter ok
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