10 months old baby

Question: Can i give soaked almonds to my 10th month baby? If yes, how many i can give and how to give.. ? Please tell me anyone

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Answer: Dear babies 10 months so it's completely safe and healthy for baby to have Almonds... you can give 2-4 Almonds daily to your baby.. just make sure to crush them properly and you can give the mixture in milk or some pudding baby will love the texture.
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Question: Can i eat soaked almonds if yes then plz tell me the quantity and time to take
Answer: Hi! Soaked almond is also great its full of nutrition and healthy fat you can hv 1-3 almonds after peeling skin daily.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I want to start almonds to 11 months old baby , can I give soaked almonds with milk grinded ? And how many almonds I need to give her?
Answer: Hello Yes u can. Powder it or make a paste add in the milk or kheer. The health drinks like pediasure bonevita horlicks.are mass produced. They contain chemicals taste enhancers and alot of sugar. They are not exactly healthy. Try giving ur baby milk shakes with his favorite fruits. You can add some ghee with dry fruit powder it makes a very healthy drink with Amazing nutrient value. This will give ur baby the vitamins and minerals required.
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Question: Hello dr.pls do adviced me can i take soaked almonds if yes then how much girries at a time
Answer: Start taking almonds after 13 weeks ..u can also eat walnuts for the babies good brain development
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