6 months old baby

Question: Can I give cerelac rice in lunch and cerelac wheat in dinner??? My baby is now 6 months

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Answer: After 6th months u can give cerelac wheat.
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Question: My girl baby is six and half months old, Can i give cerelac wheat apple flavour??
Answer: Congratulations for motherhood dear try to avoid market cerelac its safe .give home made cerelac .One and half a cup white/brown rice. One cup urad dal (split black gram) One cup hara chana (green gram). One cup moong dal (split green gram) One cup bhuna chana (roasted gram). One cup masoor dal (split red lentils). One cup dalia(broken wheat). Half a cup sabudana (sago). Half a cup chana dal (horse gram)Half a cup corn. Half a cup almonds.Half a cup cashew.8-10 pods elaichi (cardamom) recipe.. soak all the indigrantes except cashew... for all over night After this, dry roast all the ingredients as follows ~Rice: Roast the rice grains till they become puffed and grow in size. ~Pulses and Dalia: Roast them till they turn golden brown and a little crispy. For hara chana, roast till its color changes from green to mild brown. ~Sabudana: Roast till it becomes crispy and a little dry. ~Bhuna chana: It will require a little roasting so that it becomes dry and relatively more crispy. ~Corn: Dry roast till it becomes crispy or starts crackling. ~Almond and Cardamom: Roast till their aroma starts rising. ~Cashew: Roast till it turns golden brown.... leave it for 1/2 an hour nd grind it in mixer...ceralc s ready for ur little on.e..
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Question: Can i give cerelac in dinner time ..??she hate chapatii is cerelac is good for health
Answer: She is already 1 year+ . Then why are you still giving cerelac. Give oats porridge, daliya khiChdi, dal chawal etc. Keep cerelac as a handy food but don't include in daily diet.
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Question: Hi can I give my 4 months old baby cerelac rice or nestum rice
Answer: Upto 6 month give only mother mik or Formula milk..... After that you can think about solids
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