16 months old baby

Question: Can I give one cube of amul cheese.daily to my baby??she doesn't like eating but eats cheese often.

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Question: My baby is 9 months old. Can i give him amul processed cheese?
Answer: Yes you can give your baby process cheese but start with small portion to check whether a baby is allergic to it or not.nwait for 2 days if baby doesn't show any allergic reaction, loose motion, vomiting, etc then you can add small amount of cheese in your baby's diet. Also you can add butter or ghee but not more than half teaspoon.
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Question: M my baby is going to be 7 months old but she doesn't like water much can someone tell me how to feed the baby water
Answer: Hi...If ur baby is not drinking water then u can have an alternate solution to it such as u can give ur baby plain and unsweetened fruit juice which is mixed with water. As ur baby is small so u can give ur baby one part of fruit juice with 10 parts of water.
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Question: My baby doesn't have milk.. She always refused to take it.. What I do? She also doesn't like milk products.. Like kheer sheer lassi etc. How I can fill deficiency of milk ?
Answer: Hi i think your baby is like mine . Even she doesn't like to and refuse but i use to play or engege her mind with something she lijes then it us possible for milk but she doesn't like sweets so i can't help me out with
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