12 months old baby

Question: can i give oats to my 1 year old baby.what was the benifits oats

2 Answers
Answer: Surely you can give oats to your baby .they are high in fibre and calcium. You can give oats milk or you can also cook it with apple.
Answer: Yes dear u can give ur 1 year old baby oatmeal. As it is rich in fiber and provides energy to ur baby which he needs every morning.
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Question: Can we give oats daily to 1 year old?
Answer: Hi.. Yes, it is a rich source of fiber, you can give oats daily to your baby if the child likes it..
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Question: Can I give oats to my one year old baby?
Answer: Yes dear you can give oats with milk. Make sure that your baby is digesting the food you are giving.
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Question: Can i give oats one time daily to my 1 year old baby
Answer: Hi Yes you can give.Oats are healthy for babies and they are havimg lot of vitamins, protein,fibers,good for energy and easily digestible..the baby oat cereal are now available in market so you buy that one add in to water or normal milk ok..
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