7 months old baby

Question: Can i give my baby cow's milk? He is six months old.

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Answer: No dear, cow or buffalo milk shouldnot be given to baby before baby is 12 months because its heavy for baby's digestion and an cause problems. Your baby is 6 months so you can give formula milk to your baby with breast milk.
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Question: Hii, my baby is six months old. Can I give him sugar in cow's milk
Answer: I can understand your curiosity. It is not advisable to give out side milk till baby finishes at least twelve months. Till then you can give either breast feed or formula milk only. Later you can start cow milk. If you are giving packet milk also, it's better to wait till baby finishes twelve months of age.This is because milk has high levels of sodium ,potassium and protein which is tough for little kidneys to filter. So it's better to avoid animal milk till baby finishes twelve months. Take care
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Question: Can we give cow's milk to my baby ....he is 4 months old
Answer: Dear please dont give cow milk to your baby it's not at all safe. It can cause digestion problems to baby.. Only give breastmilk or formula milk to baby till baby is 1 year..
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Question: Can i give my 6 months old baby cow's milk??
Answer: Hello... No dear, you should not give cows milk till one year, it is hard to digest, as of now you can feed formula or breastmilk
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