9 months old baby

Question: Can i give muskmelon for my 10 months baby...and how to prepare muskmelon puree

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Answer: Yes you can try but choose well ready melon. If you open and found that muskmelon is not ready avoid giving. If fruit is ok just mush a bit of fruit by spoon or use blender if you have. That's all
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Question: How to prepare apple puree for my seven months baby girl and should be added in apple puree
Answer: Hi dear, Apple is a rich source of iron and vitamin C.rich in antioxidants,it builds immunity.an apple a day keeps doctor away! You can give your baby apple puree.take two peeled apples,and put in two cups of water.boil both till apples are soft.put a pinch of cinnamon powder and seive it. Give to baby when warm.
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Question: Can I give apple puree to my 6 month old baby and if yes how to prepare an apple puree for him
Answer: You should give a 6 month old baby steamed Apple puree not apple puree. No need to add any sugar when you are preparing Apple puree for your baby. Pic small pieces of apple and place it in steamer for at least 10 minutes after that keep it in normal temperature for sometime then make a smooth puree with blender. Always prepare fresh puree to feed your baby.
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Question: Can we give chikoo puree n muskmelon puree for 5 months old boy.
Answer: Hi,no you should avoid ,in fact any solid food should be given to the baby only after the baby is 6 months old.also after the baby is 6 months you can give chikoo puree , muskmelin puree can also be given as it is very helpful for eyesight.
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