6 months old baby

Question: Can i give mashed mango and mashed potato to my 6 months baby girl?

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Answer: Hi Yes you can give both to your baby But first give your baby a mouth full of one food Observe for a day If your baby can digest it then gradually increase the propotion Follow the same while introducing any new food to your baby
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Question: Can we give boiled mashed potato to our 6 months baby
Answer: Hi dear, from 6 months of age you can give your baby one semi solid diet everyday. Boiled potato is very good to be part of your babies regular diet. You can also add half teaspoon of butter in it to feed your baby but don't add any extra salt or sugar in your baby's diet before one year of age. Hope it helps.
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Question: Can i give my 5 months baby mashed potato
Answer: Hi dear baby before 6months of age is not ready to take solid food as thier body is designed in such a manner that it van get all req. Neutrition. From formula or breastfeed. So don't start any soLid food before 6 Months of age otherwise it will give kidney problem.
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Question: My baby is of 6 month can i give her potato mashed and dal water
Answer: Mashed potato or sweet potato can be given. Properly cooked and mashed dal is better then simple dal water. Avoid too liquidy food as the stomach will be full with water and not food.
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