7 months old baby

Question: can i give marie gold biscuits for 7 months old baby,which type of biscuits we can give

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Answer: Dear it's not good to give biscuits for babies as there's no nutritional value in it and it's made from maids with artificial flavouring and preservatives added in it which is not good for baby's health and growth..aviod biscuits and give baby only wholesome home made foods. It will boost the health of the baby.
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Question: Can we give Marie gold biscuits for 10 months old baby
Answer: Hi dear, Try to avoid any packaged or tinned food products to your baby. Biscuits are loaded with sugar, refined flour, additives,and preservatives.your baby is too young to take all that.moreover they kill appetite.junk food,would also repel your baby to eat healthy food.so donot make her habit in eating such foods.give her home cooked healthy food....
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Question: Which biscuits can i give to my 9 month old baby, vita marie gold or normal marie gold?
Answer: Hello dear. You can start with the normal marie gold. Make sure you start with a small quantity and increase it gradually. Also don't give cream biscuits. Take care.
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Question: Can i give my 7 months baby marie gold biscuits dipped in cows milk?
Answer: Hi. Please avoid biscuits which are made for adult eating. Marie gold and other bicuits contains maida and sugar in high quantity, sugar will cause tooth deacy and warm in babies whereas maida is hard to digest and your LOs digestive system isnt that mature for it. Give your baby fruit purees and veggies puree to have as snacks you can give roastes lotus seeds, or puffed rice fhey are healthy for babies and contribute to full fille required nutrition on babies. Good luck.
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Question: Can we give Marie gold biscuits to eat to 8 months baby????
Answer: Hi dear. No dear biscuits should not be given to a small babies because it is made up of maida and also have preservatives in it and it has also lots of sugar in it so please avoid giving biscuits
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