6 months old baby

Question: can I give mango to my 6 month baby!

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Answer: there are many pediatricians who say that tropical fruits should be held off until 8 months old and up.Mangos may be allergenic as many tropical fruits often tend to be. The type of allergic reaction a Mango may cause is typically topical or dermatological like a rash, but its not life threatening
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    Suvarna Bhalekar972 days ago

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Question: Can i give mango to my 11 month old baby
Answer: Hi,yes,mangoes are rich in Vitamin A,Vit V6,and have nutrients in it.You can give ,but make sure you give in moderation as it can cause heat in the body.
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Question: can i give mango to 6 month baby
Answer: Yes you can. Choose the mango which is completely ripe. Remove the skin to get rid of all chemicals which have been sprayed on the mango. Start in small quantity and grad increase the quantity while checking any sign of Allergies.
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Question: Can i give mango to my 8 month old baby.
Answer: Hello! Mango can be given to the baby. But keep a watch for any allergic reactions. Also make sure you give a proper ripe mango. Take care
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