4 months old baby

Question: can I give honey to my baby (3 1/2 month) my grandmother says if u give honey daily to baby his voice Will be sweet and will speak earlier is that true

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Answer: NO. Honey should not be given till 1 year.
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Question: Our Baby boy is 1 year and 20 days. I would like to know that can we give a drop honey with milk instead of adding sugar. If we give that then how and what will honey helps our baby.
Answer: Hello dear...in my understanding honey shouldnt be given to kids below 1 year of age..many docs say it causes bloating, since infant's tummy is not ready to digest the bacteria in honey. but after 1 year of age, honey can be digested well by kids. it does have very good effects. but the only thing is that you need to find pure and good honey (unlike the highly sweetened ones found in supermarkets).
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Question: My baby voice changed(tough and increased bass), there is no symptom of cold and cough... what to do....@?? Earlier she has very sweet voice...
Answer: It's ok dear. Nothing to worry. They are babies so there will be a lot of difference in everything you can see.. some time sweet voice some time heavy. Sometime fair or sometimes uneven. So it's ok. She will be alright when she will be at her right age .. 😊😊😊
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Question: My baby crossed 1 1/2 yrs when he will speak properly and what kind of practice i can give
Answer: Hi Spend more time with ur baby. Engage more time with her to speak and ask her to speak small words. Continuously ask her few questions which she can know it and she answers( if ur baby had interest).
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