12 months old baby

Question: Can i give honey to 11 months baby

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Answer: babies younger than 1 year old should not be given honey. Clostridium bacteria that cause infant botulism usually thrive in soil and dust. However, they can also contaminate certain foods — honey in particular. Infant botulism can cause muscle weakness, with signs like poor sucking, a weak cry, constipation, and decreased muscle tone (floppiness).
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Question: Can I give almond to my 11 months old baby
Answer: No dear it should be started after completion of one years just wait for one more month
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Question: Can we give honey to 8 months baby
Answer: Hi dear honey is not safe for infants Although it is sweet tasting, honey should never be given to infants less than a year of age because it may cause a rare type of food poisoning (infant botulism). Honey may contain the spores of a bacteria germ that can cause infant botulism.
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Question: We can give honey to 4 months old baby
Answer: No !!!! After 6 months you can give water and solids like cerelac ...honey etc. Till 6 months give only milk and nothing else!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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