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Question: Can I give gripe water to my 1month old baby

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Answer: Kindly do not give anything to a baby except breast milk till he or she is six months of age. Not even water or gripe water. ONLY AND ONLY BREAST MILK.
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Question: can i give gripe water to my 1month old baby.?
Answer: Hello dear, It depends on the specific brand and ingredients. You should always ask your doctor for a recommendation for gripe water and any other remedy you're thinking of giving your baby. Gripe water made with alcohol definitely isn't safe, and other formulas, including those labeled "natural" or "homeopathic" (depending on where they're made and what's in them), contain a variety of other ingredients that may be unsafe or untested.  And remember, even if you do try gripe water as a remedy for digestive troubles with your pediatrician's approval, it should never be given in large quantities to a baby or used as a dietary substitute. Infants at this age should be fed breast milk or formula (or a combination of the two) only. Take care
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