7 months old baby

Question: Can i give green chana for my 6 month baby?

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Answer: Hello mother! 6 month baby is just to start eating solid things, before six months baby and mother suggested only mother's feed. When baby complete its 6 months then shifted to semi solids like khichdi, daal ka pani, banana massed so please try to give semi solid food items slowly and gradually move to solid things because baby also take time to digest the food items and become habitual to new taste. Take care. Stay healthy & Stay happy
Answer: Hello! Avoid green chana as your baby must have just started with solids. You can give it in the 7th month. As of now try to keep it simple. Take care
Answer: Hi, don't give ur baby. Baby appetite is not as strong as to digest green peas. It can be cause of upset stomach.
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Answer: Hello dear. First thing let your baby comolete 6 months and then only start with semi solids. Secondly green gram will be heavy. Start with yellow daal as it is lighter and easy to digest. Hope it helps.
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Question: Can I give Chana dal to my 9.5 month old
Answer: they say u should try every new food gradually to baby,u can try but in minimal quantity.
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Question: Can i give my baby maash and Chana daal
Answer: Hi.. Yes, dear if your baby likes, you can give it.. But do not add salt in it.. Until your baby is an year old..
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Question: Can i give chana dal to my 20 month old baby
Answer: You can give nicely smashed ones. Add ghee also. It highly nutrious for the baby
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