8 months old baby

Question: Can i give egg yolk give my 8month baby

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Answer: Hello dear.. yes,you can give egg yolk to baby,but feed egg white after one year,because feeding before may cause allergic or indigestion to baby
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Question: My baby is 7 Months now can I give her egg yolk
Answer: Hi dear ...egg yolk can be safely included in the diet of babies as young as eight months of age, although egg white should only be introduced after twelve months. In some parts of the world, babies are introduced to eggs when they turn 6 months old. This is to prevent them from developing allergies towards this superfood. However, we would recommend that you check with the paediatrician for the perfect time to start feeding eggs to your baby. Tak care
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Question: From which month can I give egg yolk to my baby??
Answer: Dear my doctors just to give giving animal protein from one year of age so I did the same and I will also suggest you the same. Some doctors suggest start giving non veg from 10 months of age. You should confirm form ur child's paediatric as well. Hope it helps.
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Question: Now shall I give egg yolk to my baby?
Answer: Hi mom, Eggs  whites are one of the big allergy-triggering foods, so you  should avoid introducing them to your baby  until 12 months, though you can  try egg  yolks at around 9 months. ... In fact, most kids with egg  allergies outgrow them by age 5. Tak care
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