8 months old baby

Question: Can i give Egg to my 8 months old baby?

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Answer: Hi dear, 8 month baby stomach is very simple and is not able to digest high protein like egg. Its better to start giving you baby animal protein from one year of age but if your pediatric allow you then can give. Its better to talk to your doctor about this.
Answer: Hi yes dear , you can give egg but give only egg yolk to baby because egg white can cause allergies to baby so gove only egg yolk to baby till baby is 1 years..
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Question: Can i give egg to my 8 months baby
Answer: Hie You can introduce Egg Yolk after completion of 8 months. It is better to give hard boiled yolk when you first introduce egg yolk. As for the egg whites it would be best if you offer it post 1 year of age as it may contain allergen that can be a cause of concern for baby below 1 year of age
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Question: Can i give egg to my 8 months baby gal
Answer: Yes..i think we can..my daughter is of 9 months now..i uv started an egg every week....egg yolk is highly nutritious..u cn avoid egg white as it is hard to digest for them.
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Question: My baby is 8 months old can I give egg
Answer: Hello dear.. Yes, you can give egg yolk, but introduce egg white after one year of birth, introducing now may cause indigestion or allergic to babies
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