10 months old baby

Question: Can I give diluted buffalo milk to my toddler?

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Answer: hi it is not advisable to start with cow milk or buffalo milk till the baby is one year old you can give formula milk if required along with breast milk however you should consult to the doctor if you wish to give buffalo milk but it is not advisable to start with the baby is 1 year old as it is not right for the infant's because it has protein and mineral which are not right for infants
Answer: Don't give buffalo milk.. because that milk is veey hard... Use cow milk add badam pista powders..
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Question: Can i give cow or buffalo milk to my 3 months old baby...
Answer: Hii... Cow or buffalo's milk is not advisable... GiveExclusive BF...if breast milk is insufficient then give lactare tab to mother to increase Breast milk production... if still BM is not available then only give any formula powder stage1..with proper dilution Babies who are exposed to cow's milk before their first birthday are more likely to be anemic, have diarrhea or vomiting, and/or experience an allergic reaction (the proteins in milk are more numerous than those in other milk products, such as the yogurt).
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Question: Can I give cow milk to my baby
Answer: Dear it is better to give cow milk at 9 to 12 months of age once baby is eating a variety of iron rich foods atleast twice a day. And the babys digestive tract does not develop fully until 1 year of Age.if you give before 9 months there will be difficult for infants to digest and increased risk for developing anemia or iron deficiency problems.take care
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Question: My baby is 3mnths old... Can i give him Buffalo milk?
Answer: No dear not at all. Buffalo milk is very rich in fat and too much heavy for your baby stomach specially for your baby's liver. Let your babies digestive system develope enough, so that your baby can digest it well. You can give formula milk if breast milk is not sufficient.
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