14 months old baby

Question: can I give cucumber n raddish to 14 months baby

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Answer: Hii yes u can feed it to baby but in moderate qty.
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    Shalzz Kanwar Zogta1028 days ago

    thanx alot

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Question: can i eat carrots n raddish mam
Answer: yes dear. Eating raw radish can cause illness because it is uncooked and it may have bacteria. Eating cooked radish has no side-effects. It is safe to have cooked radish. Benefits of Radish during pregnancy: Radish has minerals and vitamins useful for the baby growing in your belly. Radish also has calcium. Calcium helps in the building of your baby’s teeth, bones and muscle. Radish also contains folic acid, which helps in ensuring that the baby is born with no birth defects. carrots is rich in vitamin A
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Question: how to give cucumber to 6 months old baby
Answer: the baby is just months old not an year old....... cucumber is the cold veggie n baby may 've cold don't give such cold veggie or less in future baby may 've fits'fits'
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Question: Can I give cucumber to 9 months baby??
Answer: Yes u can give but remove the seeds before giving... And it's a cool fruit so give in small amounts otherwise it may cause cold in some babies.
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