2 months old baby

Question: Can i give cow's milk to my baby ? I am giving breastfeed too but it s not sufficient. I am giving formula now . Will my baby get sufficient nutrients if mother's n cow's milk is given instead of formula

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Answer: Cows milk is difficult to digest,, better to breast feed and improve mothers diet,, oats,, green gram,, muringa leaves,, spinach etc ill help increase breast milk,, more breast feeded more milk will produce,,
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Question: Now a days my milk is little watery but sufficient. Will my baby get all nutrients or I need to switch to formula milk
Answer: if you are having proper milk production when you need not to switch to formula milk everyone has watery milk in starting and as your baby starts to feed the milk gets thick which contains all the nutrition and fat so please don't be worried
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Question: Hi. I started giving semi solids to my baby along with breastfeed. Can I give formula milk instead of cow's milk for making porridges.. Pls suggest which is the best formula milk for babies.
Answer: Hi dear yes you can definitely add formula milk in babies porridge, but make sure that you cook the entire porridge in water and once it cools down a bit then only formula milk should be added into it. you can go for lactogen, Nan Pro, similac etc formula milk these are the best.
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Question: I feel brest milk is not sufficient for my baby..may i give formula milk...?? If s means where tobuy
Answer: Yes dear, you can give formula milk to your baby with breast milk.Formula milk is easily available in any supermarket or chemist shop..
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Question: Monther's Milk is not sufficient for my baby 35days old. Shall I give formula milk or cow's milk? Pls suggest
Answer: well best is mother's milk but still if you think the baby's stomach is not full two bottles of formula milk
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