2 months old baby

Question: can i give cow's milk to my 2 months old baby? or only mother's milk?

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Answer: Hello! No cow milk to baby less then 12 months. As of now only mother’s milk to your baby.
Answer: Mother milk.. Plz don't give cow milk u can start after 1 year
Answer: U must give mother milk only
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Question: My baby is 3 and half months old... Can i give cow's milk to my baby?
Answer: Hello dear. Babies can't digest cow's milk as completely or easily as breast milk or formula. Cow's milk contains high concentrations of protein and minerals, which can tax your baby's immature kidneys. Cow's milk doesn't have the right amounts of iron, vitamin C, and other nutrients for infants. Cows milk has to be given only after 1 year, and only after diluting. Take care.
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Question: Can i give cow's milk to my 8 months old baby? N ragi daily?
Answer: Hi dear, It's not advisable to give cow's Milk before 1 year as the high fat and protein content in cow's milk is hard to digest and can upset baby's stomach. Hey, Ragi is cereal also known as finger millet. Its more prevalent in south India but now is readily available in all over India. When it comes to baby meal planning ragi is indispensable. Its easy to digest, keeps baby’s stomach healthy and is super rich source of iron and calcium which is very necessary during developmental months if baby. It also makes a perfect first foid as it's ready allergic just like rice. Ragi should always be given in flour form as seeds are too tiny and won't be digested by baby’s tummy. Sprouted ragi flour is best. Doctor always recommends to prepare it at home but you can easily get it from market. And for recipes You can prepare ragi porridge to start with. Take ragi flour in ghee add water and jaggery, cook till desired consistency and serve. Once your baby gets used to it you can add fruits, can make upma idli dosa from it as well.
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Question: Can we give cow's milk to 4 months old baby?
Answer: Hello new mommy No yu should not give cow milk to 4 month old baby. Yu can give him formula milk in very small quantity n not more than two times Cow milk is prescribed only wen child turns one. Baby digestive system is very delicate n there can never digest cow milk in such tender age. Mother's feed is the best feed yu can give to baby exclusive six months
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