3 months old baby

Question: Can i give bottle to feed my baby..is there any prblm use f bottle?

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Answer: There is high chance of infection.. Why do you want to bottle feed your child at 3 months.. Exclusive breast feeding is a must till 6 months and even if you have to use a bottle, better use a spoon to feed
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    Milana GP974 days ago

    I can use spoon fr 2 month..but he not take clearly..waste f milk

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Answer: Hello, Yes,you can give but mostly try to feed your milk to your baby because baby can easily drink from bottle ant they like abd this is the main reason they stop feeding breastmilk
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Question: Can i use bottle to feed my baby?
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Question: Can i give bottle to my 3 month baby..is any prblm?
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can go ahead and give bottle there would be no problem. Take care.
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