7 months old baby

Can i give biscuits for my baby .she is 6 month 25 days

Hii....there....it is advisable to start food to babies from 6 month....but start with healthy food n small proportions like mashed khichdi, lentils or puree of few well cooked vegetables....
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    Renjith M45 days ago

    Mango and pappaya can start now

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Question: Can i give biscuits to my 6 month old baby?
Answer: Hello dear. It's better to start after 7 months, also start with a small quantity and increase it gradually. Make sure you give plain and not cream biscuits. Take care.
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Question: Can i give biscuits to my 6 month old baby
Answer: Hi,after the baby is six months you can give cookies or Horlick biscuits which are healthy
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Question: My baby is 6 months 26 days old .Can i give Marie biscuits smashed in milk
Answer: You can, but why you can't to give food full if preservatives to your baby when you can easily prepare fresh batch at home. Giving homemade food to baby has added advantage, you have full control on what goes in your baby’s food thus ensuring it's delicious and healthy. Homemade food us great for baby's development and immunity. While it's ohk to give instant food/outside food once in a while, but always prefer food prepared at home.
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