2 years old baby

Question: Can I give 2 years baby saffola instant oats in snacks. Is it safe nd healthy

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Answer: Yes you can give and add some nuts with it
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Question: Hello, am a breastfeeding mother. Can i eat saffola masala oats. Heard oats are healthy. Can i have it??
Answer: Hello! Definitely oats are healthy, but avoid the masala oats. Instead get the plain oats and prepare it as per your requirement. Masala oats contains preservatives and other chemic which is not good. Take care
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Question: Is saffola masala oats healthy to eat in pregnancy
Answer: Helo dear .. you can have normal oats. Saffola masala oats contains chemicals and flavours it is harmful to your baby. So normal oats is good.
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Question: I had saffola masala oats in dinner...is it safe to have masala oats?
Answer: Avoid the packed masala as it may contain aginomoto which may cause blotting or gastritic trouble have oats but homemade as they are safe but avoid the packed foods. But once it won't cause any problems take care.
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