13 months old baby

Question: Can I feed my 1 year old baby, dal rice for dinner? Some people day that dal shouldn't be given to babies after 4 pm.

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Answer: Hi dear u should give dinner to baby 1 hour before sleeping time to make sure baby will not get gas. Surely u can give daal. I do give and baby is doing fine.
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    A Z65 days ago

    Thank you so much.

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Question: What are the dinner foods that can be given to a 11 month old baby?
Answer: Well boiled potatoes, carrots , idly, nicely grinded rice with veggies
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Question: My son was 4 month and 5 days old. If can start dal rice feed after 5 months?
Answer: No, breastfeeding is the best meal for baby below 6 months.if you don't have milk then you can use formula. In this stage baby's entire parts aren't fully developed. So feed them only milk. After 6 mnth you can feed some solid foods.
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Question: Hi.my baby was 4 months old. Can I start to feed rice&dal powder.is it ok age
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