1 months old baby

Question: Can I feed my baby lying down?

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Answer: If it is breast feeding Yes! But make sure your baby is lying sideways. And head is little elevated. If it is bottle feed it is best to avoid feeding in lying down position
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Question: Can i breast feed my baby while lying down
Answer: Hi! Yes dear you can feed in side lying position, thr is no problem just be watchful while the baby latches.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I can feed my baby in lying down position
Answer: Dear as its showing here that your baby is 1 year old the its not advisable to feed tour baby in lying position because milk can go in baby's nose and ear. so dont take any risk and feed baby in proper sitting position...
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Question: shall i feed my baby in lying down position??
Answer: Yes dear U can feed ur baby in lying down position but be ensure that baby should properly latch ur breast as it is little difficult position for newborn babiesto latch easily. So, if u see that baby and u are totally comfortable in sleeping position, then u can feed feed ur baby.
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