Few weeks old baby

Question: Can I feed my baby if i am suffering from cold

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Answer: Just cover ur nose so that it child will not get cold from u ....wash ur hand before taking it baby..... breast milk will not transfer cold
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Question: i am suffering from cold. does this affect baby if i feed her
Answer: I know it will not affect a baby you should continue to feed a baby as this also has antibodies which will protect the baby you should also time home remedies to give you relief from cold you should take stimulation and add a few drops of Nilgiri oil to wait you should roast ajwain and tide in the clean cloth and make the potli and do compression or email its fuels you should take Ginger Honey paste one teaspoon twice a day put saline water nasal drops if you have blocked nose this will help to give you ready
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Question: I am suffering from cold nd fever... So can i feed my baby BM
Answer: Yes dear, cold cough a d fever are common and normal infection and you can breastfeed your baby in this infection. It will give immunity from the infection . So dont worry and dont stop breastfeeding your baby..
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Question: Can i feed my baby if i am suffering from fever. My baby is 2 n half months old
Answer: Hi dear, normal fever, cold or flue is fine, you can continue to feed.
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