1 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I eat walnut, almonds etc. If yes then how much quantity?

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Answer: yes you can eat nuts they are very healthy for you 8 Almonds soaked and to walnuts should be enough
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Question: My 31st week is running. Can i eat walnut. If yes .then how much pieces.
Answer: Omega 3 fatty acids and proteins can help with eye and brain development. Walnuts control blood cholesterol, so you have the right levels for your pregnancy. ... Since walnuts provide a good amount of protein and fiber, it can help with satiety and weight management. The copper in walnut can help with proper fetus growth. Here are some more health benefits of walnuts during pregnancy: Omega 3 fatty acids and proteins aid eye and brain development in your unborn. Walnuts help lowering blood cholesterol level and increase the good cholesterol (HDL) level. You can thus maintain the optimal lipid profile in course of pregnancy. Inflammation of blood vessels can be reduced with regular consumption of walnuts. Walnuts help relaxing blood vessels and control high blood pressures in you. Walnuts are rich sources of proteins and fiber that offers a feeling of fullness. This helps in weight management. 3 to 4 soaked pieces are fine in a day.
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Question: Can now i give my baby to almonds and walnut? If yes what is the quantity?
Answer: Hi momy...yes u can give almonds n walnut to ur baby...u can give inna powder form or make a paste as well.see,eithr u will slightly roast walnuts n almonds in a pan aftr den u can grind in a powder form.. Aur can add in milk..khichdi,cerelac in any food..which u r giving to ur baby. Or u can soak dem overnight..make a paste of it n den give it..hope dis will work
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Question: I'm 27week pregnant. Can I eat dry fruits like almond, kaju, walnut, pista etc. If yes then what will be the quantity.?
Answer: Hello Yes u can eat dry fruits they are very good with nutrients like vitamin e vitamin c omega 3 fatty acids and anti oxidants essential for ur baby s development U have dry fruits powdered and drink it as a milkshake. Try avoiding too many almonds as they are known to give preterm labour risks. They also help in your bowel movement wch will ease ur constipation problems. Make sure u eat raw nuts as sugar or salt coated Or fried May increase ur weight and colretrol intake.
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