21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can i eat sweet potato and green grapes?

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Answer: dear you can eat sweet potato it's completely healthy and beneficial for you and baby both but avoid grapes because the skin of grapes is hard to digest and can cause digestion problems so eat sweet potato only but if you want to eat grapes then just make sure to eat and very moderate form..
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Question: Can i eat sweet potato and pomegranate
Answer: Yes you can eat both. But take everything in moderate level. Eat 1 pomegranate per day it will be very healthy snack.
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Question: Am First week pregnent .can i eat pomogranet and dates and green grapes and sweet s
Answer: Hi dear, Pomegranate and dates are absolutely fine.they are rich source of iron and calcium.Though grapes are highly nutritious for the mother to be,but it is also believed that a chemical resveratrol, could increase the toxicity in body which could harm the baby.grapes contains high level of magnesium,folate and fructose and are very essential for the baby.i would suggest you to eat in moderation and wash it thoroughly before consuming.
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Question: Can i eat sweet potato
Answer: Hi! Sweet potato is not only safe but beneficial during pregnancy as its a great source of Vitamn A and beta carotene.. Hope this helps!
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