20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i eat sweet mangoes i dont hav diabetes?

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Answer: Mangoes are hi hi natural sugar as wireless increases body heat that's why I eat in a portion or a small /medium size mango is fine to eat in a day.
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Question: Heavy vomitings and also blood. what i hav to do please suggest... I dont hav any cravings even i became allergic to food..
Answer: I can understand dear and many women suffers from this problem during pregnancy. A word those foods that trigger more vomiting and eat small meals but frequently. Eat a small piece of lemon or little pickle with the mail that may help. Drink lots of water throughout the day & Take care
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Question: Can I eat mangoes in breastfeeding for 1 month baby
Answer: Yes small portion u can eat but it can cause stomach discomfort for both mother & baby. So better avoid or eat in portion.
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Question: Can I eat mangoes? My baby is 2 months old
Answer: Yes sure you can have mangoes in limit as mangoes are soure of vitamins
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