26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can i eat singhada fruit

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Answer: Singhada is rich in folate dear which is absolutely essential in the growth and development of your baby's nerves and brain...so go ahead and eat it during pregnancy..
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Question: Can I eat singhada (fruit)
Answer: Hello ! Singhada or water chestnuts are very nutritious and are good for the pregnant women. It is having a cooling effect on the body and strenthens the reproductive system also. Hence it is absolutely safe. Take care
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Question: I am 4mnths pregnant. Can I eat singhada? Green colored fruit with a stem, found in abundance these days.
Answer: Hello! Yes, you can definitely have singhada but in moderation. It is full of nutrients and is good during pregnancy. Take care
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Question: Can I eat guava my baby is 4 month old now .. And singhada ..
Answer: Hello dear, while breastfeeding you can eat guava and sing had singhada both are safe but do eat in small amounts only.
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