24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i eat raw radish raw beetroot raw carrots ??

2 Answers
Answer: it is advisable to eat boiled vegetables as compared to eating raw vegetables because it is possible to get infection by eating just raw vegetables
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Question: Can i eat raw radish and raw carrots during 10th week of pregnancy
Answer: Hi, you can eat raw carrorts since its very healthy to eat during pregnancy. I used to eat fruits & in the middle of time i eat carrots.
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Question: Can i eat raw radish
Answer: Don't eat raw vegetables eat only cooked or boiled items
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Question: Can I eat raw radish as salad.??
Answer: Hi dear,rasdish is good and has lit if benefits It has vitamins and minerals, from potassium, folate,  calcium,iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, B-Vitamins, zinc and manganese.It also helps in bowel movements and to fight infection. But you should follow the precautions while having raddush You should wash it very carefuly It is better to avoid eating it raw ,it is better to have cooked raddush
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