10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hiii ...Can I eat popcorn??

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Answer: Yes dear It is safe to eat popcorn in pregnancy. The proteins and vitamins in corn keep your body healthy and strong during pregnancy. Corn is rich in folate which protects against birth defects and neural malfunctions.
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Question: Can i eat popcorn
Answer: Hello dear... Yes, you can have popcorn, it is healthy snack option to have in pregnancy, but have it in moderation it may cause gastritis
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Question: Can I eat popcorn
Answer: Yes dear, you can take. It is a healthy snack, avoid salted popcorn.
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Question: can I eat popcorn
Answer: You can eat anything you want during pregnancy, but you need to keep following points in mind- 1) Prefer preparing at home, or choose restaurants whose hygiene can be trusted. 2) Avoid roadside food. 3) Raw and undercooked food should be strictly avoided. (In veg and non veg both) 4) Make sure you choice ingredients which can up the nutritional value of your dish. e.g while preparing pasta you can load it with lots of vegetables or meat as per your preference. 5) Avoid processed and packaged food altogether. 6) Limit your portion size. Eat at every 2hours.
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