9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can i eat pineapple I am 8 weeks pregnant

2 Answers
Answer: you should avoid pineapple in pregnancy..Pineapple contains a type of proteolytic enzyme, bromelain that soften the cervix and induces labor.it might be harmful.
Answer: no
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Question: I am 8 months pregnant. Can i eat pineapple now?
Answer: Hi dear, just tell me one thing is it really important to consume pineapple for this season , you can consume pineapple afterwards but consuming pineapple in large quantity can give you irregular contraction in 34 weeks which leads to preterm delivery. Many women prefer to consume pineapple around 38 weeks to induce natural labour but before that you have to make sure your baby's presentation is favourable for normal delivery otherwise it will create unnecessary complication. Hope it helps.
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Question: Can i eat pineapple ? I am 8 mnths pregnant
Answer: We can have nothing wrong.. but its told avoid for a reason because its heat and they might induce due to which you might have early labor.. its upto you
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Question: I am 16 weeks pregnant can i I eat pineapple
Answer: Nope, pls don't eat pineapple till the end of your pregnancy
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Question: i can eat pineapple i am 17 weeks pregnant
Answer: No dear, pineapple is not good to eat during pregnancy as it can cause alot of complications during pregnancy . Avoid pineapple throughout pregnant..
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